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Join Spectre's already active ~462,800+ users in 1780+ servers who've rated Spectre as one of the top bots on top.gg, and add Spectre to your server today!

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Moderation logging examples

Advanced Moderation Logging

Spectre is ready to go with it's advanced moderation logging system making sure every time you're using Spectre's next level moderation commands it will be logged immediately in the moderation logs channel!

Next-Level Reports

Allow users to make quick and simple reports to moderation with our easy one of a kind system posting all submissions to one easy to manage channel!

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Rapid Support

Facing issues using Spectre? Our Discord Server is on hand everyday of the week to help solve your problems in no time at all! (With slightly lengthier wait times, you can also email [email protected] to reach our support team)

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The official home to Spectre, The ULTIMATE Discord Toolset! Get support, meet other users and more!

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The friendly community based around the Hartserver hosting network (although, you don't have to be a customer to join).

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